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ArtNight is opgericht door Aimie en David in het najaar van 2016. Sindsdien is het bedrijf snel gegroeid en breidt het zich steeds verder uit – we leiden niet alleen constant nieuwe artiesten op, we breiden ook uit naar nieuwe steden met onze creatieve avonturen, we mogen constant creatieve nieuwe medewerkers verwelkomen in ons team – samen werken we aan het verbeteren van onze bekendheid om ArtNight en daarmee steeds meer klanten tevreden te stellen.


Onze visie? Simpel – een internationaal entertainmentbedrijf met een brede portfolio van merken om mensen offline samen te brengen, omdat ons doel niet eindigt met schilderworkshops. Het bereikt daarentegen veel meer! Met onze lokale evenementen willen we nog veel meer mensen fascineren, hen gelukkig maken en positieve herinneringen creëren – allemaal echt en offline!


Alles in ons team wordt gedeeld – te beginnen met financierings plannen, onze strategie en ook de selectie van nieuwe samenwerkingen. Iedereen deelt altijd zijn ideeën en gedachten om daarmee de krachten te bundelen. We willen niet alleen een bedrijf zijn dat snel groeit en succesvol is, we willen plezier hebben tijdens het werk – tijdens strategische vergaderingen, samen tijdens de lunch of tijdens Verena’s Prosecco-avonden.

This is who we are

AIMIEFounder - Operations/Product

Aimie held various positions at Axel Springer and Bertelsmann, where she set up a company within the company. She also founded the online magazine FIELFALT on the side.

DAVIDFounder - Business Development

David already founded two start-ups in India and then came into contact with the food service industry – he managed the location of a German beverage manufacturer in Dubai.

SOPHIECountry manager UK

Sophie leads the UK team with the mission of bringing the joy of ArtNight to the good folk of the UK. Originally hailing from the sunny Island of Guernsey, Sophie ensures she brings the island sunshine wherever she goes by wearing (just a bit too much) yellow. Her fuel of choice? Tea, of course.


Leonies mission: Soon every team event and hen party will be an ArtNight. New cooperation partners, innovative ideas, improved processes? With great passion and organizational skills she develops constantly works on improving Private ArtNights.

ANABELLArtist Management

If Anabell hadn't ended up with ArtNight, she would most likely have become a crisis manager - fire brigade included!

ALYZÉECountry Manager France

Monet, Renoir, Gauguin – you name it, Alyzee is passionate about art! By bringing ArtNight to France she aims to offer an opportunity for anyone to get creative. With elegance and grace, Alyzee is sure to bring her 'French Touch' to your ArtNight experience!


No team, no ArtNight! That's why Michelle is always looking for new talent to join the ArtNight team.


Exciting cooperations and interesting ArtNight features. Constantly in connecting with partners and journalists, Leonie ensures that ArtNight becomes even better known and reaches new target groups.

DOROTHEECustomer Service

Always with customers in mind and ArtNight in the heart, Dorothee's unites the interests of both with her excellent customer service.

CYRILGraphic Design

As our designer, Cyril makes sure ArtNight is always presenting its best side and that you can find everything you're looking for on our website. When he's not mixing up new features for our website, you'll find him DJ-ing in Berlin's coolest clubs and bars

CAROLEArtNight France

Because she wants to have fun everyday, Carole always dreamt of working in entertainment. She loves making sure that you will read about ArtNight in French Medias!


He operates and manages our campaigns. When he isn't in the process of developing a new marketing idea, he always has a whitty joke to make.

NINAHappiness Manager

No matter if you are an ArtNight customer or employee: Nina is there for everyone and ensures process optimization & an excellent HR system in our head office! All while maintaining a high level of professionalism and keeping everyone close to her heart.

ISABELPrivate ArtNight

Always on the phone securing locations and confirming artists, Isi makes sure that all private ArtNights run smoothly.


Oriane is always very excited to conquer the French market alongside Alyzée! Between her operations and translation projects, she also has the opportunity to enjoy her passion at ArtNight: the graphic design!


Although the youngest ArtKnight of our team, Vincent is a steady rock who always keeps his cool, and his smile!

JULIANEArtist Recruiting

Finding new and creative minds to become part of our artist community is Juliane's daily mission. She is always looking forward to getting to know you a bit better through the application process.


Creative all-rounder with a nack for digital innovation - Marc ensures that our customers are always up to date and aren't missing out on exciting events!

STEPHANIECountry Manager NL

Stéphanie leads our Dutch team and is on a mission to get the down-to-earth Dutch off their bikes and to unleash their inner creativity, if only for one (Art)Night! She is passionate about connecting people and learning from others, and hopes she inspires others too (especially with her ever growing statement earring collection).

KATArtNight UK

Whether she's on the phone interviewing an artist, creating a new operations spreadsheet or scouting for new cooperation partners, Kathrin is always on the hunt for new ways to develop and grow ArtNight in the UK.


Lovingly nicknamed Mr. ShakeNight, Wolfgang is shaking things up to make sure that more and more people out there know how to make great cocktails.

VASILEChief Technology Officer

Always solution-oriented and in a good mood. Vasile is responsible for our heart of the company - the platform!

VERENAHead of Product / Artist Coaching

Verena started out as an ArtNight artist, today she makes sure that everything runs smoothly at our events.

SUSANNEPrivate ArtNights

With her creative mind and her cheerful nature, Susanne is your contact person for all private events. From Hamburg to Munich, from hen parties to Christmas events, she makes everything possible for you.

MAREIKEHead of Artist Recruiting

In order to make ArtNight even bigger and better known, Mareike is always on the lookout for great artists who want to join us and make this world a more colourful and cheerful place.


Hyoni helps us out understanding all of IT, always kind to help us understand something when she fixed everything again


Aylisa's goal is to make ArtNight a distinctive brand. Her heart beats for good content - when she's not producing it for ArtNight, she's writing her novel.

BEATRICEOffice Management

Bea fights her way through the jungle of service providers every day so that the whole team feels comfortable, can work properly and has everything they need.


Privately and professionally creatively on the road - Denise feeds our social media channels with new content , always on the lookout for that WOW factor.


Both witty and energetic, Lee-Ann takes on any new challenge to support the new vertical teams.


How can we make events across Europe scalable with performance marketing? This is the question Felix deals with every day and constantly tests new creative advertising campaigns for our entertainment brands. In his spare time, he makes music.

YUEWENArtist Management

Next to her university studies Yuewen supports the Artist Management Team, always in a good mood an on the lookout for action. In her spare time she also enjoys to go participate in ArtNights to improve her artistic skills.

FABIANHead of Marketing

Always with the numbers in the back of his mind, Fabian ensures that the marketing team makes ArtNights known in all countries. Performance, social media and brand - he's where all forces unite.


Always sweet always caring, Beatrice is providing the opportunity to get back yo your roots with BakeNight.

CRISTINAArtist Management

No matter if its canvases, lamps or brushes - Cristina always takes care of all materials so that your artists have everything they need for a successful ArtNight!

JIJ MISSCHIEN?Veelbelovende kandidaat

Je hebt graag plezier, hebt creatieve ideeën, een hands-on mentaliteit en de wens om samen vooruit te komen? Dan zou je hier binnenkort tussen kunnen staan!

Wil je bij ons werken? Neem dan een kijkje op onze vacaturepagina of stuur ons een open sollicitatie als je niets passends kan vinden!

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